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WOSU was national model for DTV transition

30, 2009

So this is my last mention of the lengthy and sometimes confusing transition from analog to digital television. You’ve made the transition and you’re enjoying three channels of WOSU TV instead of one and perhaps you’ve invested in a HDTV and remain stunned by the quality of that picture. Let’s look back over the past [...]

WOSU Analog Off-The-Air after 53 Years

31, 2009

At 7am on March 31, WOSU television shut off its analog signal. TV Chief Engineer Tom Lahr was at the Westerville transmitter to shut down WOSU, while Engineer Ling Ling Sun was at the Fawcett Center to remotely shut down WPBO in Portsmouth. Each transmitter was placed into the standby mode to kill the carrier [...]

WOSU Shutting Down Analog TV March 31st

18, 2009

A new ruling announced by the FCC has given public television stations an opportunity to shutdown their analog signals between March 27 and March 31. Given this ruling, WOSU has decided to shut down its analog transmitters for WOSU Columbus and WPBO Portsmouth on March 31st at 7am. WOSU analog will have been on the [...]

FCC Award Helps WOSU with DTV Campaign

7, 2009

We were thrilled last night to hear from the Federal Communications Commission about their acceptance of our proposal to assist those most in need in central and southern Ohio with the transition to digital television. With the February 17th shutdown of over-the-air analog television signals about five weeks away, these funds will help us develop [...]

“Wow, that’s quite a picture.”

17, 2008

The headline is from a quote of a resident of the Bryden House in Columbus, where a few dozen volunteers spent last Saturday installing digital conversion boxes. WOSU coordinated this unique effort in the country to serve the most at-risk by making their old analog televisions able to receive digital signals through a converter box. [...]