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WOSU Receives National Award for DTV Work

6, 2009

WOSU Public Media has received a national My Source Community Impact Award for Engagement from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). WOSU was recognized for outreach efforts related to the digital television transition and creating a model for helping those at-risk that was unique in the country. WOSU launched a “Help Your Neighbor” program early [...]

TV Goes All Digital Today…Finally

12, 2009

So, after much anticipation, all of broadcast television goes digital by the end of today. For stations, this is a great relief as they get out from under paying to keep those old analog TV transmitters chugging along. For consumers, most will not notice the change because they are on cable or satellite, but millions [...]

Analog shutoff: WOSU Plan in Public Interest

6, 2009

Commercial stations in Columbus have begun to position themselves for the potential of turning off their analog television signals on February 17th. Remember that the Columbus area originally had about 120,000 households receiving over-the-air analog television as their primary source of television. The latest information is that about 39,000 households are still not ready to [...]