Tom Rieland Archives For April 2013

Sun Shines Brightly at WOSU

Ling Ling Sun, WOSU TV Chief Engineer, multitasking as usual in the tech core at the WOSU@COSI studios.
29, 2013

The position she holds today may be unique.  But it’s the way she got there that is even more amazing. Ling Ling Sun is the Chief Engineer here at WOSU TV. She is a Chinese immigrant and one of only a few women in broadcast engineering — even fewer reach the status of Chief Engineer. 

In The Know Celebrity Challenge airs this Sunday at 7 pm

Scene from the taping of the In The Know Celebrity Challenge.
24, 2013

We thank our teams from Nationwide, AEP, Fahlgren-Mortine and WOSU for contributing to support PBS Kids programming on WOSU TV through their involvement in this special celebrity In The Know.  Individuals from the WOSU Friends Board contributed to support the WOSU team, which includes Ann Fisher, Mike Thompson, Christopher Purdy and Rob Walker.  Root for [...]

Boston Tragedy Covered Thoroughly on 89.7 NPR News

NPR provided on-going coverage of the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.
April 19, 2013

It was an unprecedented day of breaking news last Friday after a night of violence and chaos in Boston.  WOSU’s  89.7 NPR News provided live programming from NPR and the Boston NPR affiliate WBUR throughout the day and into the night. 

89.7 NPR News Starts its Spring Pledge Drive – Give Now!

WOSU Staff Steve Brown
89.7 NPR News Morning Edition anchor Steve Brown in action. Support 89.7 over the next nine days and keep the outstanding NPR and local coverage coming.
17, 2013

The 89.7 FM Spring Pledge Drive goes from Thursday, April 18 through Friday, April 26.  Our goal is $250,000, which goes directly to pay for the national and local programming you listen to every day. Future programming decisions hinge on maintaining and increasing memberships at WOSU. Every dollar, every pledge, is critical.

Ken Burns presents Central Park documentary tonight

16, 2013

Ken Burns departs from his long loving pans of old photos to tackle more current events with this incredible documentary called THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE airing tonight at 9 pm on WOSU PBS.  It’s a difficult time in our country right now with the Boston tragedy, but this dramatic story and slice of history is [...]

Golf Fever? Charlie Rose interviews Jack Nicklaus

A two part interview with Jack Nicklaus was aired this past week on WOSU-TV via Charlie Rose. Worth watching!
April 13, 2013

Our favorite son, Jack Nicklaus, was interviewed by Charlie Rose a few days ago.  The first part of the interview is now online through Charle’s website. If you have golf fever like me, you will really enjoy it.

In The Know Championship Game – Upper Arlington vs. Bexley

Bill Schiffman, host of In The Know during the taping of the final rounds of the high school quiz championship sponsored by Westfield Insurance.
12, 2013

The 30th year of In The Know wraps up this Thursday night, April 18 at 5:30 on WOSU TV with the championship game – Upper Arlington vs. Bexley High School -  two great and historic schools in our community. 

Perhaps Our Most Dedicated Classical Fan: 99 and Going Strong

Boyce Lancaster and I join 99-year old Cleo Backus in her Grandview home. Cleo has been listening to classical music radio on WOSU since the 1940s.
4, 2013

There cannot be a better way to spend a morning than to talk with someone who has witnessed 99-years of history. Cleo Backus has not only “lived a full life” as she says, but has spent over 65 years of it listening to classical music on WOSU radio! 

In The Know Celebrates 30 years on WOSU TV

Host Bill Schiffman in action as seen from our WOSU@COSI studio control room during a recent taping of In The Know. Bill has been hosting for 30 years and still looks good in HD.
2, 2013

In The Know has been challenging the best and brightest from High Schools across WOSU’s coverage area for 30 years.  And the result has not only been a fun, stimulating show, but over $500,000 in scholarships for student participants.