Xmas Without China

I heard on the news today that even more stores in Columbus have decided to open early on Thanksgiving Day.  I can understand the retailers desire to get a jump on the holiday shopping season but it makes me sad to see commercialism taking over the day.   I’ll admit I have been known to venture out around 11pm on Thanksgiving evening to take advantage of a sale, but 11pm is not the dinner hour.  By 11pm you need to get out and do some walking!

Unfortunately I don’t see this shopping trend coming to an end anytime soon and I’ll bet  most of the sale items we’ll be looking for this holiday season will be made in China.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing,  it’s just the way things are these days.  For the most part we don’t really think much about it until there is a problem with a product.  Most recently it was dog treats and a couple years ago it was the lead in a series of children’s toys.

The recent lead scare and Chinese toy recalls prompted the Jones family in California to test their son for lead poisoning.  Tom Xia emigrated from mainland China to California at age eight.  He’s a neighbor of the Jones family and their actions were a bit upsetting to him.  Pride in his home country and the products that come from China prompted him to take action.  He challenged his neighbors to celebrate Christmas without any products made in China.  It was not an easy sell and most neighbors were not anxious to take Tom up on his challenge.  The Jones family was the exception, they took on the task of getting rid of everything in their home that was marked “made in China”.  Spending the Christmas holiday without any of these products was not easy or cheap and the experience led Tom to examine his divided loyalties.

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