Wrapping Up ScienceNow

I am not anywhere near a science geek. I once took an astronomy class in college because I love to look at the stars and thought I’d finally get the chance to learn what everything up there was. Unfortunately I took the one astronomy class for real science students and suffered through mathematical equations to determine high tide cycles among other less fascinating theories. We never once actually looked to the sky, a great disappointment to me.

Tonight NOVA SCIENCENOW wraps up its “6 Big Questions” series. This has been a great series and I hope you’ve been able to catch some of the episodes.

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA scienceNOW.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is the kind of host/teacher that makes science interesting to those of us with little interest in the subject. The last question in the series, “What’s The next Big Thing?”, can take us to labs and inventors all over the world. But the show focuses in on about five next big things. Tune in for a sneak peek at how to make our current electric grid smart, see a robot that chats with you while it does your chores and my favorite, an little electric car that comes to you when called.

Nova ScienceNow: What’s the Next Big Thing? airs:
8pm, Wednesday, February 23 on WOSU TV
1am, Thursday, February 24 on WOSU TV
8pm, Thursday, February 24 on WOSU PLUS

Stacia H.