Last week WOSU aired “Great Performances at the Met: Wagner’s Ring Cycle” on our WOSU PLUS service.  Based on the viewer emails and calls we received, viewers are still unfamiliar with our additional TV services.   I spent a lot of time answering the following two questions; what is WOSU PLUS and where can I find it on my cable system?  This tells me we need to do a better job letting our viewers know about our additional TV services.

One of the best things to come out of the TV digital transition, besides HD, is the ability for us to provide multiple services to our viewers.  Besides our main WOSU TV service we also have WOSU OHIO and WOSU PLUS.  These additional services gives us the flexibility to offer a variety of programming that appeals to a broader audience.

First, what is WOSU OHIO?  The Ohio Channel is a program service that is available, for no additional costs, to all public television stations in Ohio.  This is the program service we use on WOSU OHIO.  The Ohio Channel broadcasts Ohio Government Television, if you’re a fan of CSPAN you’ll enjoy seeing government in action on the local level.  In addition to OGT, viewers of WOSU OHIO will also see local documentaries, public affairs and arts programming from all the public television stations in Ohio.  During the Ohio State Fair viewers can tune in to see the latest competitions and judging panels.

WOSU PLUS combines programming from the CREATE program service, which we subscribe to for an additional cost, PBS and our own local content.  CREATE which airs weekdays and on the weekends  is lifestyle programming, cooking, travel, gardening and how-to. It’s kinda like having HGTV, Food Network, DIY and the Travel Channel all in one place. In the evening WOSU PLUS airs a one-day delay of your favorite primetime programs. For example, if you missed “Masterpiece Classic” on Sunday night on WOSU TV, you can catch the same episode Monday night on WOSU PLUS.  Friday nights are reserved for public affairs, some national “McLaughlin  Group” but mostly local, “Columbus Collaborative” and “Columbus on the Record”.  Bill Moyers new program “Moyers & Company” airs every Saturday night at 10pm on WOSU PLUS.

The next question, where can I see WOSU OHIO and WOSU PLUS?   Unfortunately these services are not carried by the satellite companies or AT&T Uverse.  Despite our best lobby efforts, the decision not to carry any of the PBS secondary channels was a made by the satellite companies and AT&T Uverse.  If you have cable TV you need to be a subscriber of digital cable. The basic cable packages do not carry these additional services. If you watch TV over-the-air with a receiver, I’m sure you’ve already found channels 34.2 (WOSU OHIO) and 34.3 (WOSU PLUS).   If you’re on Time Warner digital cable you have to go all the way to channels 991 for WOSU OHIO and 994 for WOSU PLUS.  Insight is a little better WOSU OHIO is on channel 190 and WOSU PLUS is on 191.  WOW may have the best positions, WOSU OHIO is on 150 and WOSU PLUS is on 153.  As always for the latest program listings on all our services please visit our web page;  http://wosu.org/2012/television/schedule.





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    How do I get the schedule for WOSU-PLUS