Why Sherlock is on Monday Nights on WOSU TV

Martin Freeman (left) as John Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes(Photo: Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films for MASTERPIECE)
Martin Freeman (left) as John Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes(Photo: Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films for MASTERPIECE)

We’ve received many inquiries regarding the decision to show Sherlock Season 3 on Monday nights rather than Sunday nights when PBS set the program to air.

Because of the late start time for the new season of Sherlock, the episodes wouldn’t end until midnight. We wanted to give the show an ideal position in primetime on Monday nights.

At the same time, we wanted to be mindful of our dedicated local audience of Independent Lens, which is shown at 10 pm on Sunday nights. WOSU TV has one of the highest rated audiences in the PBS system for the documentary series.

Thank you for your interest in WOSU TV and support of quality programming on PBS.

  • Caleb

    I. Don’t. Care. 10pm Sunday evening was the announced premiere date and time, and that’s when it should air. I don’t care about Independent Lens; I care about Sherlock. This is why people steal crap online. For those that DO care about Independent Lens, maybe *that* should be moved to Monday evening primetime for those 3 weeks that Sherlock WAS LISTED TO AIR ON SUNDAY. Bollocks.

  • Still Hate You, WOSU


    You had no problem airing a FOUR HOUR documentary during last Sunday’s Independent Lens series that did not end until 2AM, which contradicts your rationale for an “early” end time for Sherlock.

    Meanwhile, you are undoubtably losing a substantial quantity of viewers who would have watched Sherlock on WOSU on Sunday evenings, but now instead choose to watch an available internet stream. Even PBS offers the new Sherlock episodes online on Monday prior to 9PM. (Which I will be watching, rather than WOSU.) Good luck next pledge drive.

  • DE

    PBS announced Sherlock Season 3 to air on Sunday night at 10. It should air on Sunday night at 10.

    Oh look! I just now received a PBS ad saying Sherlock will air at 10PM Sunday. Isn’t WOSU a REAL PBS station? It seems to me it would have been easier to move Independent Lens to Monday. Sherlock is my favorite show on WOSU and I donate to WOSY because of Sherlock. I may have to resort to those internet sites and they don’t ask for donations.

  • AKM

    Move it, or accept that a consequence of your decisions is that many of us will choose not to support you financially for years to come.

  • SAS

    All other PBS stations on the east coast air the show on Sundays at 10pm so why can’t WOSU? The excuse that the start time is too late causing it to end near midnight is just lame. There are discussion groups on Facebook and twitter that talk about the show WHILE IT’S AIRING on Sundays. Folks from Ohio cannot be included because we have to wait until Monday. I’m pretty sure there are far more people interested in seeing Sherlock at it’s regular scheduled time than the amount of people wanting to see Independent Lens. There is one caveat this that I’ve found. Google Sherlock online and there are a couple of sites that stream the show which is what I will be doing.

  • Stephen Colbert


  • Jay

    Will the first episode be rebroadcasted? and what channel is PBS on AT&T?

    • Nick Houser


      The first episode isn’t slated to be rebroadcasted, although you can watch it at http://video.wosu.org/video/2365150373/. The episode will be available through March 4.

      WOSU TV can be found of AT&T UVerse in HD at 1034 or 34.


  • quest

    It’s because Ohio mindset doesn’t “like” Sherlock, like it really doesn’t “like” Dr. Who. And don’t forget the original Monty Python. Most Masterpiece is “safe” — historical/hysterical drama, so you don’t need to think or question. Or maybe, it’s more that Ohio mindset is uncomfortable with same. Actually, Kentucky is more sophisticated than Ohio when it comes to British culture (figure that one out, Sherlock!)