What’s New With Kids

Check out pbskids.org for the latest games and videos.(Photo: PBS)
Check out pbskids.org for the latest games and videos.(Photo: PBS)

Every  September for the past several years PBS has debuted a new kids program.  As a result I think we’ve got some really great kids shows we air every weekday from 6:30am to 6pm.  This year the focus shifts from debuting a new show to taking what we already have and doing fun things with them. For example Sid, his Dad  and his friend Gerald did some backyard camping this summer and Buddy took a trip to the big city.  This fall kids will get to enjoy their  familiar friends as they set out on even more special adventures.

Beginning on Monday, September 5  WOSU TV will air kids programming from 6am-6pm every weekday.   This year we reluctantly say goodbye to the Lion family, Cliff Hanger and Monkey Pop-Up Theatre, one of personal favorites, on BETWEEN THE LIONS.   The broadcast rights to this program expire on August 31, meaning we’re no longer able to air the program after that date.  We also say goodbye to Mister Rogers on Sunday mornings.  I know this will be upsetting for some of our viewers, but don’t fret the folks with Family Communications, who brought us MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD, will debut a new animated program next year featuring  Daniel the Tiger in the land of make believe.

What’s new this fall?  SUPER WHY introduces a  brand new super reader, “Woofster”  a dog who knows his dictionary!  CURIOUS GEORGE swings into action with a ” Holiday Spectacular” that includes the broadcast premiere of the 2006 “CURIOUS GEORGE” animated feature film. In addition he can now be seen two times a day, 8am and 2pm.   CAT IN THE HAT spends a week under water exploring the ocean and kids will get their very own cooking show every Wednesday afternoon on HEY KIDS LET’S COOK!   Another program airing twice a day is WILD KRATTS.  The Kratt brothers debuted their new show this past January and it was a hit from day one!  So now kids will get a chance to check in with the brothers 6:30am  every morning  before school and again when they get home at 3pm.

Be sure to check the new kids line-up on http://wosu.org/2012/television/schedule/ .  Your favorites are still on WOSU TV, they just may be in a little different time slot than what you’ve been use to.