News, Business and Documentaries Now On WOSU OHIO

WOSU has three TV channels, WOSU TV, WOSU PLUS and WOSU OHIO.  WOSU OHIO is the place to go if you want to see Ohio legislative and Supreme Court coverage, public affairs programs from all over the state, all the happenings from the Ohio State Fair and the State House plus so much more.

Beginning Monday, June 16  WOSU OHIO changed just a bit.  You’ll still see all your favorite programs from Ohio but we’re adding a little more variety weekday mornings and evenings.  Every Monday through Friday from 6am to 8am you’ll get the chance to catch-up with the world around us.

We’ll bring you news, business and cultural programs from Asia, Europe and right here in North America.  We’ll come back with more changes every weekday afternoon beginning at 5pm with CHARLIE ROSE followed by ALL SIDES WITH ANN FISHER.   Prime time weeknights will be great documentaries and news programs like Independent Lens, Frontline and our local WOSU specials.  If you missed the news of the day you’ll get the chance to catch up with PBS Newshour at 10pm followed by news programs from around the world.

We hope you’ll enjoy seeing the mix of Ohio and the world on WOSU OHIO beginning this Monday.  WOSU OHIO can been seen on 34.2, Time Warner 991 or 190 and WOW 150.