What Wouldn’t You Do For Your Dog?

When I was a kid my sister kept bringing home stray dogs in the hopes that one of them would find a soft spot in my parents hearts and we would get to keep him or her. It never worked, we were not destined to be a dog family. That’s probably why I now find it amusing that when my parents visit each of our homes they will encounter several four-legged furry family members in residence.

Nova: Dogs Decoded airing Tuesday, Nov. 9, 8pm on WOSU TV.

My dog is Heidi, she is a little Lhasa Apso and she was a spider for Halloween. You now know what kind of dog owner I am. So when I first read the description attached to this Nova program my first thought was, yeah of course. Every dog owner knows that your dog can understand you. When I’m upset Heidi climbs up on my lap and gives me kisses, when I start yelling at the TV she looks at me like I’m crazy and when I’m in the middle of my workout she keeps jumping up on me so she can be a part of the routine. So of course she understands me. NOVA DOGS DECODED looks at the science behind what we dog owners already know. The surprise, or is it, dogs aren’t the only ones reacting to humans. Maybe it’s the humans who are reacting to their dogs.

If you are interested in this NOVA program stick around till 9pm when NATURE tackles the age old question, which is a better pet the cat or the dog?

Nature: Why  We Love Cats and Dogs?  airing Tuesday, Nov. 9, 9pm on WOSU TV

Stacia H.