What is WOSU PLUS?

What is WOSU PLUS or maybe the better question would be where is WOSU PLUS? One of the best things to come out of the TV digital transition, besides HD, is the ability for us to provide multiple services to our viewers.
Besides our main WOSU TV service we also have WOSU OHIO and WOSU PLUS. I have to say I do enjoy watching WOSU PLUS. I, of course, have to monitor our services all day to make sure everything is as it should be. I do on occasion find myself getting caught up in one of the cooking or travel shows we’re airing on PLUS. The sound is muted so I just stare at the pretty scenes and try to figure out where they are or usually just before lunch, I get a glance at something going into the oven that looks really good!

During the day WOSU PLUS is a combination of cooking, travel, gardening and how-to style programs. It’s kinda like having HGTV, Food Network, DIY and the Travel Channel all in one place. In the evening WOSU PLUS airs a one-day delay of your favorite primetime programs. For example, if you missed an episode of Masterpiece Classic on Sunday night on WOSU TV, you can catch the same episode Monday night at 9pm on WOSU PLUS. There has been some debate over the years as to whether or not to continue to offer that one day delay. I’ve always found when viewers call the next day asking for a repeat of the program they missed the night before, being able to tell them it’s airing that evening on WOSU PLUS has been a positive experience.

Having WOSU PLUS also allows us the flexibility to air all different types of additional programming. Honestly we’re concerned about all our viewers interests and it’s great to have these additional services so we can provide a wide variety of programs to cover a wide variety of interests. That’s probably out biggest problem with WOSU PLUS, how to explain to you the viewers, all the different types of programs you can get on one channel.

Here is my one disappointment, WOSU PLUS isn’t easy to find. If you’re on Time Warner digital cable you have to go all the way down to channel #994 to find it. Insight is a little better at #191 and WOW is good at channel #153. If you’re on AT & T U-Verse or a satellite provider you won’t get our extra services, they have chosen not to carry our two additional services.

If you haven’t found WOSU PLUS on your cable line-up do a little searching in the higher numbers, you won’t be disappointed. And if you figure out a good way to explain what the channel is, using one word, let me know.

Stacia H.

  • John Hebblethwaite

    I’ve just discovered WOSUPLUS…a great resource. Can we receive a program guide via email?

    • http://www.wosu.org Stacia H.

      Hi John:
      Glad you were able to find WOSU PLUS, I have Time Warner and they hide it way up on channel 994. You can get complete listings for WOSU PLUS on our website at: http://www.wosu.org/television/broadcast-schedules/.

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  • Don Kerry

    How do I find the July program line-up for WOSU Plus?

    I thought I am looking on the same website I found the June lineup on. Where did I go astray?

    Don Kerry

    • http://www.wosu.org Stacia H.

      Hi Don:
      The easiest way is from the front page, you scroll down to the TV Program Highlights section and click on “View Full Program Schedule”. That gets you to the Broadcast Schedules. In the purple line under the “Change View” column, you’ll see “WOSU TV” “WOSU OHIO” and “WOSU PLUS”. Click on “WOSU PLUS” and that will get you to the PLUS schedule.