What Is The Future of Energy?

As gasoline prices continue to rise and the crisis in Japan creates concerns over nuclear energy that age old question once again rises to the surface, what is the best source of energy in the future? Tonight WOSU TV presents two programs that try to answer this question.

I’m not much of a science student, quiet honestly I find the subject a bit boring. So I was surprise to be drawn in by these two programs.

After the government has spent billions of dollars on clean, green energy are we finally at a point to make it work? NOVA: POWER SURGE takes a look at the latest and greatest innovations, including everything from artificial trees to green reboots.

Nova: Power Surge airs tonight at 9pm on WOSU TV.

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.

Then at 10pm Detroit Public Television presents a great two part series titled, BEYOND THE LIGHT SWITCH. Hosted by Scientific American’s David Biello, BEYOND THE LIGHT SWITCH presents a balanced perspective in the national energy debate. Tonight’s episode begins by laying out the challenges and considering the trade off of carbon capture and storage, and hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. Next week episode two will take a look at nuclear energy and the costs of solar power, the sprawl of wind power and the feasibility of a super grid.

Two very timely programs that I hope you’ll find interesting and informative.

Stacia H.