What Happened to…?

My day started with feedback  from viewers disappointed that we did not air AN EVENING WITH JERRY LEWIS LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS, as originally scheduled.  One of the hardest jobs during any membership drive  is determining which programs will best serve our fundraising efforts.  PBS provides us with new special fundraising programs just before every membership drive.  The WOSU programming and membership areas view and discuss every new program provided, to determine what programs will not only entertain our viewers but will also encourage them to support our efforts.

Once we’re in our membership drive we monitor the fundraising results  of other PBS stations, similar to WOSU, to see how the new programs are performing.  When we get reports from several stations that a program is proving to be unsuccessful in fundraising we have to make a change.  This often happens at the last-minute and a program we’ve promoted and our viewers are looking forward to seeing is pulled off the schedule and replaced with a program that is proving to be successful for our fundraising efforts.

Our membership drives are the only chance we have throughout the year to directly appeal to all our viewers for support.  We have to make sure we’re giving it our best effort.  Unfortunately this sometimes means you may not get a chance to see a program you were looking forward to or you get tired of seeing the same program for the sixth time.   Still through your disappointment or frustration during membership drives you do discover a fundraising  program you really enjoy and decide to support us with your membership to WOSU.  For that we will always be grateful!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/amy.szmania Amy Szmania

    So will this ever be aired, maybe as a “non-pledge” show?

  • aus10b

    i will not pledge again until this show is made available.