What’s The Right Thing To Do?

Somewhere along the way, we’re all faced with a situation we’re not quite sure how to handle. I loved my grandfather very much and cherished our time together but he was a proud man who was always right no matter what! I on the other hand have second guessed some of my decisions more times than I care to admit. In the end, my feeling has been if I’ve listen to all viewpoints and can still defend my decision then I have to believe it was the right one. This belief is challenged in the new series JUSTICE: WHAT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO? airing on WOSU TV Tuesday evenings at 10pm.

Harvard University professor and author Michael Sandel has been teaching one of the most popular classes at Harvard for years. He presents his students with an ethical dilemma – some hypothetical, others actual cases – then asks them to decide “what’s the right thing to do?” When I viewed the first episode I, like the students in the program, was very sure of my response to the situation presented. Professor Sandel would listen to the arguments, make a few comments and then very expertly throw a “what if…” out there, and all of a sudden things didn’t seem so clear. This program makes you think and truly tests some of your long-held beliefs. Every week the class tackles different topics and the discussions are straight forward, controversial and at times humorous. I give a big thumbs up to whoever decided to turn these classroom discussions into a program series! I always say MODERN FAMILY is the fastest half hour on TV. I think JUSTICE: WHAT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO? is the fastest hour on TV.

FRONTLINE will be back on the schedule this fall, but until it returns this series is a good place holder. Give it a try, Tuesday’s at 10pm on WOSU TV with a Wednesday, 10pm repeat on WOSU PLUS.

Stacia H.