This Week on WOSU TV- June 22-28

On Sunday we continue airing the first season of Last Tango in Halifax.  This week the police search begins for Alan and Celia, who get locked inside a museum with no phone service. Fearing for their parents and unable to sleep, Caroline and Gillian open up to one another and begin to form a bond. The brand new season of Last Tango in Halifax premieres next Sunday June 29.

On Monday night at 10pm we begin a great two-part documentary exploring what it’s really like to live in Cuba in Cuba’s Secret Side. For three months adventure filmmaker and author Karin Muller hitchhiked around Cuba. Knowing that the Cuban government severely restricts all foreign journalists Muller took a huge risk by traveling and filming on a tourist visa.  Free of government minders, she hitchhiked around Cuba for three months sleeping in private homes, working with farmers and fishermen, and participating in festivals and religious ceremonies. She was arrested over a dozen times, but in the end she discovered a side of Cuba that few foreigners get to see. A favorite character is Hector the pizza guy who lives on the third floor and uses a basket and pulley system to deliver pizza. Cuba’s Secret Side is an entertaining, insightful, and often humorous look at Cuba.

Freedom Summer

On Tuesday at 9pm American Experience premieres Freedom Summer.  During the summer of 1964, the nation’s eyes were riveted on Mississippi.  More than 700 student volunteers joined with organizers and local African-Americans for over 10 weeks canvassing for voter registration, creating Freedom Schools, and establishing the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. An effort that was difficult, dangerous and deadly. Watch an extended preview

New Local Productions

Wednesday night WOSU TV is proud to bring you two new local programs, Health Science Frontiers: Fracking Our Health? and TEDx Columbus.  Fracking is a very contentious subject in environmental and health circles.  With so much information out there who are you suppose to trust. Health Science Frontiers: Fracking Our Health? breaks it all down for you. TEDx Columbus presents a sample of some of the more intriguing speakers from this past’s years gathering.

DCI Banks Season 3 Finale

A scene from the DCI Banks Season 3 finale

Jaff Kitson (RAY PANTHAKI), Al Jenkins (PHIL JACKSON) and Mitchell Channing (TOM PADLEY) in the DCI Banks Season 3 finale. Photo: Left Bank Pictures (Television) Limited

On the Saturday night mystery DCI Banks completes it’s run. In this last episode, club DJ Richard Martin is run off the road and subsequently shot in the head, leaving the perpetrators to dispose of his body, his car and the gun used in the shooting. The gun turns up in the bedroom of Erin Doyle, the daughter of Banks’ long-term neighbors. As Banks, Blackstone and Lang investigate Martin’s death, Annie is forced to conduct an official investigation which threatens to destroy Banks’ team.

So tune in or set your DVR for another great week of programming on WOSU TV.