This Week on WOSU TV- August 3-9

Frank Sinatra (left) and Jimmy Van Heusen looking at music together, 1950s.(Photo: Courtesy of Jimmy Van Heusen Estate)
Frank Sinatra (left) and Jimmy Van Heusen looking at music together, 1950s.(Photo: Courtesy of Jimmy Van Heusen Estate)

We finish up some summer series this week and begin our August membership drive at the end of the week.

Sunday is the season 2 conclusion of Last Tango In Halifax.  The story has taken some interesting turns this season.  This week a surprise visitor makes Alan’s day and Gillian begins to regret telling Caroline her dark secret.  Caroline uses the information to make Gillian promise to keep away from Robbie, which may not be that easy.  

Poirot is back with a new mystery on Masterpiece Mystery Sunday night at 9pm.

Monday – Civil War: The Untold Story Ends

We conclude Civil War: The Untold Story Monday night at 10pm.  This episode titled “With Malice Toward None” begins in the spring of 1864 and Sherman’s march toward Atlanta.  The North is war-weary and loosing confidence in Lincoln.  After six weeks of bloody conflicts, Sherman finally takes Atlanta and eight weeks later Lincoln defeats McClellan in a landslide. Sherman begins his March to the Sea. The Northern army in Savannah brings a conclusion to the Western Theater.

Tuesday – Portsmouth Flood Walls

Tuesday night at 8pm WOSU TV is proud to present an encore of our local production, BEYOND THESE WALLS: BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH PUBLIC ART.  This is a wonderful documentary telling the story of the local visionaries in Portsmouth, Ohio who worked to find something special to draw people to Portsmouth and the extraordinary artists who transformed a drab 2,200 foot section of the town’s floodwall into a vast display of public art.

Wednesday – My Wild Affair Finale

Mu Wild Affair concludes on Wednesday night with “The Seal Who Came Home“.  Andre, a two-day old wild harbor seal, was rescued from certain death by an arborist from Rockport, Maine. Over the next 25 years Andre and Harry established a friendship that brought Andre into the world of humans without Andre ever having to give up his wildness.  Another touching story of the bond between humans and animals.  It begins Wednesday night at 8pm

Friday – Tanaquil Le Clercq

Friday night arts presents American Masters: Tanaquil Le Clercq: Afternoon of a Faun.  Tanaquil Le Clercq was a passionate ballerina and a muse to George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins.  At the height of her career she was struck down by polio. It’s the inspiring story of a ballerina who forever influenced dance.

Saturday – Jimmy Van Heusen, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby

We begin our August membership drive on Saturday.  Lot’s a great programs to spend some time with like, Jimmy Van Heusen: Swingin’ With Frank & Bing and 50′s & 60′s Rock Rewind. August begins with lots of great programming.