Upstairs Downstairs

“Masterpiece Classic” is once again returning to 165 Eaton place.   When Masterpiece first aired the new “Upstairs Downstairs” in April of 2011 viewers were still talking about “Downton Abbey”.   It was easy for people to get the storylines in the two programs mixed up.  Each show dealt with the  upstairs family served by the downstairs staff, just different time periods.  For the fans who watched the original “Upstairs Downstairs” in the 1970′s this new version was exciting, but they had waited a long time for only three episodes.

Patience pays off,  165 Eaton Place once again reopens its doors, every Sunday evening  in October on “Masterpiece Classic” .   In this new series  two new arrivals make their mark.   Sir Hallam’s forthright aunt, Blanche, disrupts life upstairs, while feisty new maid Beryl struggles to adjust to life in service. Meanwhile, Lady Agnes’ concern for her children reveals a dark secret about Mr. Pritchard and  Sir Hallam’s preoccupation with Nazi Germany leads him into dangerous waters.

“Masterpiece Classic: Upstairs Downstairs” airs Sunday’s at 9:00pm on WOSU TV, with encore presentations Monday’s at 9:00pm on WOSU PLUS.