Tonight on NOVA- Zeppelin Terror Attack

Most of us have probably heard the story of the famous World War I German fighter pilot, The Red Baron.  Perhaps you may be more familiar with Snoopy, from the Peanuts cartoon, taking to the sky in his own special version of the famous fighter pilot.  I knew the  fighter pilot introduced during World War I was a game changer, but I was unaware of the German’s zeppelin program during this time.  If I remember my history, the American Civil War was the first time armies took to the sky to aid in the fight.  Hot air balloons were used to track enemy movements.  The German’s took this balloon idea to a new and dangerous level during World War I.

Tonight NOVA takes an in-depth look at Germany’s war zeppelins.  These large air machines were sent to England to rain down death on British towns. For two and a half terrifying years British citizens were subjected to constant bombing from above.  You would have thought they’d be an easy target to take down, but this was not the case.  In hands-on experiments, NOVA uncovers how the zeppelins were built and flown and goes inside the desperate scramble to take down these monster zeppelins.

If you’d like to get more information on The Red Baron and see how aerial warfare evolved during World War I, I encourage you to check out the following link on NOVA’s website;

NOVA: ZEPPELIN TERROR ATTACK airs tonight (Jan. 15) at 9pm on WOSU TV with an encore presentation Thursday, Jan. 16 at 9pm on WOSU PLUS.