This Week on WOSU TV- May 12- May 17

Another week of great programming on WOSU TV.  Tonight ANTIQUES ROADSHOW meets its youngest up-and-coming collector at the appraisal table in Richmond and “Royalty Monday” continues at 10pm with BORN TO ROYALTY.  All eyes were on Prince George during his recent trip down under.  BORN TO ROYALTY celebrates the birth of William and Kate’s baby, the great-grandchild of Elizabeth II, with a fascinating portrait of the life that lies ahead for the young prince who was born to be a King.

On Tuesday the 3 part series COMING BACK WITH WES MOORE begins at 8pm.  The series was produced by best-selling author and US Army veteran Wes Moore.  He tells the story of his search for answers to some of the most difficult questions facing vets returning from war. In episode 1 one of the veterans we’ll meet is Chris Phelan.  Phelan was able to successfully translate his experience in the military to a career as a police officer. He is also raising a two-year-old daughter by himself while his wife serves as a lawyer at the Afghan Embassy.

NAZI MEGA WEAPONS  continues in Wednesday with “Fortress Berlin.”  April 1945 the war is coming to an end and Hitler is in the center of Berlin 10 meters underground.  The Allies are attacking from the air and the Russian’s are advancing on foot.  Blocking the way are rings of ingenious defenses, kill zones and strong-points that have turned Berlin into a fortress. At the heart of this fortress is the Fuhrerbunker. NAZI MEGA WEAPONS goes inside the bunkers defense and the last days of Hitler.

On Thursday it’s the premiere of DOC MARTIN season 3.  Will the Doc and Louisa ever get together?  On Friday night arts, AMERICAN MASTERS debuts, PLIMPTON! STARRING GEORGE PLIMPTON AS HIMSELF.  It’ s a great week of programming, so tune in or set you DVR to catch all these programs plus your weekly favorites.