The Week Ahead on WOSU TV

It was hard for me to focus on just one program to draw your attention to this week, because there are so many great programs ahead.

Tuesday night WOSU TV premieres season 4 of Pioneers of Television.  Every Tuesday night for the next four weeks you’ll walk down memory lane with Ray Romano, Jerry Seinfeld, Diahann Carroll, Chad Everett, Robin Williams and many more.  Episode one starts off with “Standup to Sitcom”.  For a little fun check out some trivia and quizzes based on this season’s episodes and find out what sitcom family you belong in.

Following Pioneers of Television is the premiere of Ken Burns’s The Address.  Burn’s  film showcases the Greenwood School in Putney, Vermont.  Students in the Greenwood School grapple with an array of learning challenges and the administration uses the Gettysburg Address as a tool for their success in school. Each student is tasked with memorizing Abraham Lincoln’s 10-sentence historic speech and at year’s end, recite it before their classmates and teachers. The film uses the student’s story to reveal the history and importance of one of the greatest speeches in US history.  To participate in the project go to and share your version of the Gettysburg Address.

Think Wednesday continues with Nature: Touching the Wild.  Our favorite turkey guy is back, but this time he’s taken on the mule deer.  NOVA  looks at dogs and their super senses and part two of YOUR INNER FISH  tells us how our reptilian ancestors left their mark on many parts of the human body, including our skin, teeth and ears.

We round-up the week with a new THIS OLD HOUSE HOUR and DCI BANKS on Saturday mysteries.  It’s a week full of great programming, so be sure to tune into WOSU TV and WOSU PLUS  or set your DVR so you won’t miss any of the action.

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