The Vertical City on Super Skyscrapers

On this week’s episode of SUPER SKYSCRAPERS we take a look at the Shanghai Tower.  The Shanghai Tower isn’t just a skyscraper it’s a vertical city.  When it’s finished the building will house a collection of businesses, services and hotels all in one place.  It will fit a population the size of Monaco into a footprint the size of a football field.

Within the walls of the Shanghai Tower residents will be able to work, rest, play and relax in public parks, looking up through 12 stories of clear space. And not just one clear space but eight of them stacked on top of each other all the way to the 120th floor. When complete the structure will dominate Shanghai’s skyline towering over its neighbors.

SUPER SKYSCRAPERS: THE VERTICAL CITY airs on WOSU TV Wednesday, February 19 at 10pm and Thursday, February 20 at 10pm on WOSU PLUS.  If you can’t watch it live remember to set your DVR.