The Super Skyscrapers Are Coming

On Wednesday night February 5 at 10pm WOSU TV begins the four-part series, SUPER SKYSCRAPERS.  This series will follow the building of four extraordinary skyscrapers showing how they will revolutionize where we live, work, how we protect ourselves from earthquakes and terrorist attacks, and even control the amount of energy we use.   Each week the series will profile one of these extraordinary buildings, following the engineering and construction challenges each of these super buildings brings. We will meet the architects and other characters involved in the process and examine the questions that need to be answered in today’s world, how  do you protect a skyscraper against a terrorist attack? How do you make a super-tall environmentally friendly building? What is involved in building a mega-fast, 600m elevator? How do you construct absolute luxury? How do you clean the windows on the 100th floor?

First up is One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the western hemisphere and a famous modern landmark. It is engineered to be the safest and strongest skyscraper ever built. This episode follows the final year of exterior construction, culminating with the milestone of reaching the symbolic height of 1,776 feet.  This is a construction job that’s more than putting a building up, it comes with a sense of duty to rebuild from the ashes of Ground Zero.

SUPER SKYSCRAPERS airs Wednesday evenings at 10pm on WOSU TV with encore presentations Thursday evenings at 10pm on WOSU PLUS.