The Song of Lunch

It’s easy to miss the subject of this Sunday’s MASTERPIECE CONTEMPORARY if you take a quick look at the title, “The Song of Lunch.Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, two of my favorite actors, star in this funny, bittersweet drama adapted from the Christopher Reid poem.  Basically it’s a story about two ex-lovers who meet for lunch at one of their favorite haunts from the past. “The song” of the lunch is their words, behavior, thoughts all taking place at that small table, that we the viewer get to see.

Alan Rickman’s character a copy editor and failed poet is bitter, petulant and becomes increasingly inebriated as lunch goes on.  Emma Thompson his former lover is glamorous, generous, successful and is eventually provoked by the man sitting across the table. The acting is subtle and I think brilliant in this piece.  It may not be for everyone but if you’ve ever found yourself in an uncomfortable situation with an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile, you may enjoy this program.

MASTERPIECE CONTEMPORARY: THE SONG OF LUNCH airs 9:00pm Sunday, November 13 on WOSU TV.  An encore presentation can be seen 9:00pm, Monday, November 14 on WOSU PLUS.