The Royal Wedding

Unless you’ve been out of touch this week, you may be aware that there is a special event taking place across the pond this Friday. Prince William and Kate, I forgot we’re suppose to say Catherine now, are getting married. Unfortunately work will interfere with my wedding watching so I will DVR the big event to watch when I get home. I think like most of us I just want to see her dress, then I’m content waiting on the rest.

You faithful watchers of PBS know you can find royal programming right here on WOSU and on Friday night we won’t disappoint. Switch over at 10:30pm for WILLIAM AND KATE THE ROYAL WEDDING.

This great program will trace the history of the royal couple’s romance and profile the participants, history and key aspects of a Royal Wedding. If you need more of a royal fix tune in on Sunday, May 1 beginning at 4pm for an afternoon of special royal programming.

Stacia H.