The Portsmouth Flood Walls

This Sunday night at 8 pm, WOSU TV is very excited to present the brand new documentary BEYOND THESE WALLS: BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH ART.   In 1992 a small group of community leaders in Portsmouth, Ohio asked, “How can we create pride in our community, improve the local economy and change a dying part of town into the vibrant place it once was?”.  BEYOND THESE WALLS: BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH ART  is the story of the local visionaries and the artists who transformed a unmemorable 2,200 foot concrete section of the town’s flood wall into a vast display of public art, history and community pride.

WOSU TV serves the Portsmouth area on our WPBO TV station.  We don’t get the chance to present programming that relates to the Portsmouth community as often as we’d like to.  So we were very excited when  Portsmouth residents John H. Lorentz and his son Nathan contacted us about their latest documentary.  It’s a wonderfully produced program that weaves the history of the community and their connection to the beautiful images on the flood walls.  I was particularly fascinated by two specific wall panels, mainly because I’m a huge sports fan.  When you watch the program you’ll know which murals I’m referencing.

I hope you’ll tune in or set your DVR to catch this wonderful program from Portsmouth.  BEYOND THESE WALLS: BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH ART  airs Sunday, February 16 at 8 pm on WOSU TV with an encore presentation on Monday, February 17 at 8 pm on WOSU PLUS.