The Marquis de Lafayette

I’ve always been interested in American History; it was my minor in college. I’m one of those irritating people who read all the display signs in the museum and then want to discuss the information I just read. As a programmer I probably shouldn’t admit this, but my favorite PBS series is American Experience, big surprise. Personally I’m always disappointed when a good history program just doesn’t get a lot of viewer interest. Several years ago I was fortunate enough to see Ken Burns and Tom Brokaw doing a two man panel discussion on World War II. This was when Ken Burn’s PBS WAR documentary was just a thought in his head. I’ll never forget the way he expressed his passion for American history, and the need for his fellow American’s to embrace it and study it. So in my little way I’m excited to tell you about LAFAYETTE: THE LOST HERO airing Monday night at 10pm on WOSU TV.

I think most people might be mildly familiar with the story of the Marquis de Lafayette during the American Revolution. He was 19 when he arrived on the American shore ready to fight for liberty and independence. This guy was a rock star here in America, on the 50th anniversary of the American Revolution people turned out in record numbers to welcome him back. Unfortunately things were not quite as great for him in his native France. Lafayette had such a strong belief in people having freedom and liberty yet he lived in the world of Marie Antoinette. I felt bad for him, he tried to straddle two worlds and it didn’t work. LAFAYETTE: THE LOST HERO is a fascinating documentary that traces the life and legend of this controversial figure. I really liked this program, I thought I knew Lafayette’s story but my studies had just scratched the surface. Fortunately through this program I learned so much more about this great figure in American history.

Thank goodness PBS continues to bring us the stories of the individuals who shaped the world we live in! I hope you’ll watch LAFAYETTE: THE LOST HERO Monday night at 10pm on WOSU TV or if you miss it, Tuesday night at 10pm on WOSUPLUS.

Stacia H.