The Harpy Eagle, Not Your Standard Eagle

NATURE giving us new insight on creatures and the worlds they live in with beautiful  images does not disappoint this week.  I always thought there was one eagle, the American eagle.  However as it turns out I was wrong, not the first or last time that will happen.  Did you know the harpy eagle is the most powerful raptor in the world, and makes its home deep in the South American jungle?  This bird stands three feet tall, has a six-foot wingspan and razor-sharp talons the size of bear claws.  They feed on monkeys and sloths, that’s a pretty powerful bird.

As you can image we  know very little about harpy eagles because their numbers are few and their habitat is large and in the trees.  But wouldn’t you like to get a good look at the harpy eagle bringing his monkey prey back to the nest?  Seems wildlife filmmaker Fergus Beeley and his team of cameramen wanted to do just that.  Risking injury they install a “nest cam” to monitor a harpy family over the course of a year.  Just when you think you’ve seen something extraordinary, it gets better as these very large eagles begin to follow the team watching them.

Nature: Jungle Eagle airs 8:00pm, Wednesday, November 9 on WOSU TV with an encore presentation at 8:00pm, Thursday, November 10 on WOSU PLUS.