The Fourth of July and Strawberry Pie

The Fourth of July holiday brings out the patriotic side of me and a craving for homemade strawberry pie! My older brother was born on the fourth and his favorite desert is strawberry pie.

I haven’t seen a program on strawberry pie, but we do have a great documentary airing on WOSU TV July 5th at 10pm, that tells the story of the forgotten French and Indian War.

FORGOTTEN WAR: THE STRUGGLE FOR NORTH AMERICA recounts the little-known story of how the Indian nations of the Northeast controlled the outcome of the French and Indian War. Often overshadowed by the American Revolution, the French and Indian War (1755-1760), determined which great European empire would control the Ohio River Valley, the gateway to the West, and the crucial highway of rivers and lakes connecting New York and Montreal. This wonderful documentary follows the fates of the Abenaki and Iroquois people. It separates fact from myth and chronicles the “massacre” at Fort William Henry the battles of Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point and the fall of Quebec and Montreal.

One of my favorite films is Last of the Mohicans . If you remember it took place during the French and Indian War and chronicled the fight for Fort William Henry. The story, the music, the scenery and Daniel Day-Lewis draw me in every time. Make a night of it and watch the Hollywood version of the war with Last of the Mohicans then watch the real story on WOSU TV with FORGOTTEN WAR: THE STRUGGLE FOR NORTH AMERICA.

Stacia H.