The Annual March Membership Drive

There are two things you can always count on this time of year, Girl Scout cookies and WOSU TV’s March membership drive. 

WOSU TV interrupts regular programming four times a year to air special fundraising programming.  We seem to get the most response from viewers looking for their regular programs during the March membership drive.  Perhaps this is because it’s still a little chilly outside and  football season is over so viewers really look forward to their Saturday and Sunday afternoon favorite programs.  It could also be because March is our longest membership drive of the year, in this case 20 days. 

Personally I don’t mind the program inquires because it lets me know how much you enjoy our programming and don’t like missing it!  However without the four membership drives throughout the year we would not be able to bring you all the great programming you enjoy.

Back in January all the focus was on the season three premiere of Masterpiece Classic’s Downton Abbey.  Which of course was a wonderful success.  But I’d like to draw your attention to two additional shows that also premiered on WOSU TV in January,  DCI Banks and Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett.  Both of these programs were made available to us from independent program distributors.  This means we had to spend additional money, outside of our normal PBS dues, to secure the rights to broadcast these programs. Judging from the viewer response we’ve received, I’m happy to say viewers have really enjoyed these new additions to the schedule.

It was because of you and your support during last year’s membership drives that we were able to have the money to spend on these two new programs and more.  Look for a new BritCom to join the Saturday line-up on March 23.  We would love to continue to bring you more of these types of programs every year, but we can’t without you. 

I ask you to be patient with us during the March membership drive, your favorite programs will be back March 20.  If you haven’t done so already please consider making a gift of support to let us know how much you like what we’re doing.