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This Week on WOSU TV- July 6-12

7, 2014

On Monday, July 7 WOSU TV begins the 5-part series CIVIL WAR: THE UNTOLD STORY.  This new series from Nashville Public Television focuses on the Civil War’s Western Campaign, which some historians argue shaped the final outcome of the Civil War. CIVIL WAR: THE UNTOLD STORY uses letters from both soldiers and civilians, interviews with [...]

Lost In The Amazon- Wednesday, March 19

11, 2014

SECRETS OF THE DEAD returns to the schedule on WOSU TV Wednesday, March 19 at 10pm.  In this latest mystery, modern-day explorers set out to find the mythical city of gold. Famed adventurer Col. Percy Fawcett went looking for a city of gold, the Lost City of “Z”, in the Amazon in 1925 and disappeared in [...]

The Terracotta Warriors

3, 2011

On Wednesday night SECRETS OF THE DEAD will profile China’s terracotta warriors. I have always been fascinated by this discovery and I hope to some day visit these guys in their tomb. The terracotta warriors date back more than two thousand years and I know there have been many programs that profile this special army. [...]

Secrets of the Dead

16, 2010

This past year our local science museum hosted an exhibit on the Titanic. I had seen the exhibit the first time it was presented in Columbus and found it fascinating. What I really liked was the way they humanized the experience. You were given a passenger’s name and at the end of the exhibit you [...]