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This Week on WOSU TV- September 8-13

8, 2014

Monday- American Invasion For the past two Monday’s we’ve been focusing on Rommel and Montgomery’s desert warfare.  This Monday we change focus just a bit to examine the impact the arrival of the American solider had on the British population.  A bit of a backwards British invasion.  THE AMERICAN INVASION takes the viewer back to [...]

This Week on WOSU TV- July 6-12

7, 2014

On Monday, July 7 WOSU TV begins the 5-part series CIVIL WAR: THE UNTOLD STORY.  This new series from Nashville Public Television focuses on the Civil War’s Western Campaign, which some historians argue shaped the final outcome of the Civil War. CIVIL WAR: THE UNTOLD STORY uses letters from both soldiers and civilians, interviews with [...]

Wild Predator Invasion

31, 2014

One of my favorite mini-series is James Michener’s CENTENNIAL.  I hadn’t seen it in years so I was excited when the entire mini-series popped up during a premium channel free weekend preview. I put the DVR to good use.  The land, and the eco-system of the west, specifically Colorado, was a big part of the [...]

NOVA: Ghosts of Murdered Kings

29, 2014

“GHOSTS OF MURDERED KINGS” premieres tonight on NOVA. Using modern forensics, archaeologists hunt for clues to identify the victims of Bronze Age murders, and the circumstances surrounding their shockingly violent deaths. This ancient detective story opens a window on the strange beliefs of Europe’s prehistoric peoples. Watch tonight at 9pm on WOSU TV and tomorrow [...]

Tonight on NOVA- Zeppelin Terror Attack

15, 2014

Most of us have probably heard the story of the famous World War I German fighter pilot, The Red Baron.  Perhaps you may be more familiar with Snoopy, from the Peanuts cartoon, taking to the sky in his own special version of the famous fighter pilot.  I knew the  fighter pilot introduced during World War [...]

David Pogue’s Making Stuff on NOVA

14, 2013

If you watched CBS SUNDAY MORNING this past weekend you may have seen a segment on David Pogue’s upcoming new special  for NOVA: MAKING STUFF.  To see more making stuff, I encourage you to check out NOVA this week.  NOVA: MAKING STUFF hosted by Pogue is a four-part series beginning  Wednesday at 9pm with making [...]

NOVA: Rise of the Drones

22, 2013

A revolution is transforming the armed forces of every nation. In “Rise of the Drones,” NOVA launches an investigation of the explosive growth of airborne UAVs or pilotless drones. During the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the U.S. deployed only a handful; now, it has more than 7,000. Besides the U.S., over 40 other nations [...]

Nova: Cracking Your Genetic Code

26, 2012

What will it mean when most of us can afford to have the information contained in our DNA read, stored and available for analysis?  Think of never having to worry about getting a disease because it’s not  in your DNA.  On the flip side what if you knew cancer was in your future. On “NOVA: [...]

Extreme Cave Diving on Nova

13, 2012

Extreme sport activities have been around for years.  If there’s a way to ski down Mt. Everest someone out there will do it!  I can appreciate the courage, that’s probably not quite the right word, it takes for someone to throw all caution to the wind to perform these extreme stunts. On Wednesday evening “Nova” [...]

Ice Age Death Trap

30, 2012

My family spent just about every summer vacation in Michigan’s upper peninsula.  I remember one summer in particular collecting pieces of rocks covered in fossils.  I thought I’d discovered something really special and kept those rocks for years.  I think there are some wonders of childhood that stay with us.  I would dare to say [...]