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NOVA scienceNow Is Back!

16, 2012

“NOVA scienceNow” is back with all new shows and a new host.  David Pogue,  technology reporter for The New York Times, takes over as host for the sixth season of “NOVA scienceNow” airing Wednesday nights at 10pm on WOSU TV.   In this new season Pogue takes on a new theme each week  that features the [...]

Wrapping Up ScienceNow

23, 2011

I am not anywhere near a science geek. I once took an astronomy class in college because I love to look at the stars and thought I’d finally get the chance to learn what everything up there was. Unfortunately I took the one astronomy class for real science students and suffered through mathematical equations to [...]

Where Did We Come From?

14, 2011

In the next episode of NOVA scienceNOW, journey back in time to the birth of our solar system to examine whether the key to our planet’s existence might have been the explosive shockwave of an ancient supernova. Where Did We Come from? 2/16 8:00 pm WOSU TV 2/17 1:00 am WOSU TV Meet a chemist [...]

Nova is Moving to Wednesday

14, 2011

As I’ve said several times in the past, schedule changes are never easy. When it effects one of our signature series I get a little nervous. But if you think about it, we’re just going with the flow this TV season. We all know it’s mid-season replacement time and the networks are shuffling the program [...]