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John Glenn: A Life of Service

27, 2013

John Glenn: A Life of Service chronicles this American hero, born in Ohio, who has dedicated himself to a life of duty and public service. Using archival footage and interviews with Senator Glenn, lawmakers, journalists, and historians, the documentary is an inspiring look at Glenn’s incredible career. From a war pilot to being the first [...]

NOVA: Hubble’s Amazing Rescue

28, 2011

From training to launch, NOVA presents the inside story of the mission and the extraordinary challenges faced by the Hubble rescue crew in 2009.

End of the Space Age?

11, 2011

On Tuesday evening we finish up the four part series, SPACE AGE:NASA’S STORY. It’s been an amazing journey, seems kind of hard to believe that the last Shuttle mission is almost over and destined to become a small footnote in history.

Space: The Final Frontier

20, 2011

I grew up during the height of NASA’s moon program. My older brother had many space adventures with ‘Major Matt Mason’. I thought Major Matt’s space crawler was pretty cool! So I’m excited we’re able to bring you a great series from the BBC that tells the story of the moon race and more. Tuesday [...]

In The Home Stretch

4, 2010

We’re going into the last days of our December membership drive. I hope you’ve had a chance to sample some of the special programs we’ve been able to present over the past few days. If you’ve heard about tickets to Celtic Woman, Orla Fallon and Cirque Du Soleil yes, we have them. Tune in this [...]