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Breathless on Masterpiece Mystery

19, 2014

Masterpiece Mystery returns on Sunday with a brand new drama, Breathless. Set in a 1961 British hospital, BREATHLESS stars Jack Davenport, who may be familiar to fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, as Dr. Otto Powell.

Spending Some Time In England

9, 2012

I’ve had England on my mind this past week.  Not sure why, maybe because I just recently vacationed in Williamsburg, Va.  and of course celebrating Independence Day usually brings up the whole England colony thing.   Then again, it could be all the shows celebrating England and the Queen we’re airing this week.   I guess you [...]

Calling All Inspector Morse Fans!

27, 2012

“Masterpiece Mystery” begins a new season on Sunday with a different spin on a very familiar Detective.  The Inspector Morse series was one of the most popular in the “Masterpiece Mystery” catalogue.  Viewers were crushed when in the last episode, adapted from the final novel, The Remorseful Day, Morse dies.  Alas, not all was lost [...]

Zen is Back on Masterpiece Mystery

4, 2012

This past summer PBS introduced us to a new detective in the “Masterpiece Mystery” family.  Aurelio Zen, played by Rufus Sewell, is a bit sly, mischievous, not too bad on the eyes and a bona-fide hit with the audience!   By the time we had aired  the first two episodes in the Zen series you were asking [...]

The Membership Drive

Sherlock Holmes Image
Masterpiece Mystery:Sherlock
August 11, 2011

We’re going into the final stretch of our August membership drive and I wanted to give you a preview of some of the programs you’ll see over the next several days. I hope you’ll find a few things you’ll enjoy.

Calling All Masterpiece Mystery Fans

1, 2011

If you’re a regular viewer of Masterpiece Mystery then you know your program gets put on hold every year for a couple of weeks in August due to our annual membership drive. However because our Mystery folks are such loyal viewers we’re going to try something a little different this August.

Aurelio Zen

15, 2011

This Sunday MASTERPIECE MYSTERY introduces us to a new detective. His name is Aurelio Zen, a Roman police detective from Venice, where “Zen” is the local shortening of the name Zeno. The series although set in modern-day Italy has a real 60′s crime show feel to it.