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Columbus Neighborhoods:Clintonville

29, 2014

WOSU TV premiered COLUMBUS NEIGHBORHOODS: CLINTONVILLE this past Sunday.  If you missed the premiere, be sure to tune in or set your DVR to record the program on Thursday, January 3o, at 9pm. The Clintonville story starts with the Adena earthen mounds. Throughout the program we learn about the neighborhood that began as farms and [...]

Columbus Neighborhoods:South Side-Thurs., Sept. 19 at 9p on WOSU

13, 2013

The historic neighborhood, known as South Side was once an industrial powerhouse, shaped by the thousands of people who moved there to work its furnaces and factories. From Hungarians immigrants to Appalachian migrants, they forged a thriving community that still pays homage to its heritage of steel and glass. South Side was also Columbus’ early [...]

Columbus Neighborhoods: University District

3, 2011

Intersections and boundaries are fascinating places, whether it’s East meets West or turf meets surf. In Columbus, the University District is where town meets
gown. Sometimes they’ve stood shoulder to shoulder. At other times, they’ve been toe-to-toe.

Columbus Neighborhoods: King-Lincoln

18, 2011

“They know it used to be great.” So begins the latest episode of WOSU’s documentary series Columbus Neighborhoods. The “it” refers to the King-Lincoln neighborhood in Columbus, which is also known as Bronzeville, NoBo (North of Broad Street), the Blackberry Patch, Mount Vernon, the Near East Side, and so on. When we talked to people [...]