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Glenn Gould

28, 2010

“At concerts I feel demeaned, like a vaudevillian.” “Isolation is the one sure way to human happiness.” – Glenn Gould “That nut’s a genius. There is nobody quite like him, and I just love playing with him.” – Leonard Bernstein Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould Airing on WOSU TV: 12/27 at 9:00pm [...]

Good Grief

10, 2010

Charles (Sparky) Schulz said of himself: “I’m not an interesting guy, I’m an ordinary guy.” In this typical Midwestern way (Schulz was a native of St. Paul), the cartoonist who all other cartoonists are measured against saw himself very much as his alter ego, Charlie Brown, the forever-child who wanted to be liked but lacked [...]

Merle Haggard

19, 2010

I was catching a ride with a friend this weekend and noticed a Merle Haggard CD on the front seat. I was surprised because country music is not something I would have ever associated with this particular friend. I was informed, and quite enthusiastically, that Merle Haggard is great and can be listened to for [...]