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Billie Jean King Makes Her Mark

4, 2014

Last year AMERICAN MASTERS did a fantastic profile on Billie Jean King.  We received lots of viewer comments about the program and many requests for us to air it again.  As the APT tennis season heats up with the The French Open and Wimbledon coming up in the next couple months, we felt now would [...]

Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth

31, 2014

AMERICAN MASTERS celebrates Alice Walker in the new documentary, ALICE WALKER: BEAUTY IN TRUTH.  Most people are familiar with Alice Walker from her famous novel “The Color Purple.”   Writer and activist, Walker celebrates her 70th birthday on February 9. Born into a family of sharecroppers in rural Georgia, her life unfolded during the violent [...]

Louisa May Alcott

8, 2012

One of my favorite books growing up was “Little Women”.  I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard.  However I was fortunate enough to spend a few years living in New England, which meant I was able to visit the house and town that was familiar to my favorite character “Jo”.  I specifically remember one [...]

Phil Ochs on American Masters

20, 2012

When I first glanced at the subject of Monday’s “American Masters” program, I didn’t have a clue about the person they were profiling.  A little research revealed the subject was a successful singer-songwriter during  the 1960′s.  I was a bit younger in those days, if the song didn’t come from a Disney movie it wasn’t [...]

Eames: The Architect And The Painter

16, 2011

On Monday night AMERICAN MASTERS will premiere the independent film, EAMES THE ARCHITECT AND THE PAINTER.  From 1941 to 1978, Ray and Charles Eames worked to create fantastic mid-century modern furniture, built from novel materials like molded plywood, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, bent metal wire and aluminum — offering consumers beautiful,functional, yet inexpensive products. The Eames, a husband-and-wife [...]

John Muir in the New World

14, 2011

John Muir – preservationist, naturalist, author, explorer, activist, scientist, farmer -was a wanderer. From Wisconsin to Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada, from the Alhambra Valley of California to the glaciers of Alaska, this Scottish American is remembered as the father of the environmental movement. John Muir in The Atlantic Monthly. “The forests of America, however [...]

Mr. Mojo Risin

12, 2011

“Jim Morrison was the best and worst of all of us who ever felt we could change the world if only people over thirty would listen.” – producer Dick Wolf “The story of The Doors is one of the most compelling in the history of American rock music; three hugely talented musicians and a lead [...]

The Dude

12, 2011

I’m the Dude. So that’s what you call me. That or His Dudeness… Duder… or El Duderino, if, you know, you’re not into the whole brevity thing. – Jeff Bridges as The Dude, from “The Big Lebowski” American Masters opens its 25th season with Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides giving viewers a window into the [...]

Glenn Gould

28, 2010

“At concerts I feel demeaned, like a vaudevillian.” “Isolation is the one sure way to human happiness.” – Glenn Gould “That nut’s a genius. There is nobody quite like him, and I just love playing with him.” – Leonard Bernstein Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould Airing on WOSU TV: 12/27 at 9:00pm [...]

Good Grief

10, 2010

Charles (Sparky) Schulz said of himself: “I’m not an interesting guy, I’m an ordinary guy.” In this typical Midwestern way (Schulz was a native of St. Paul), the cartoonist who all other cartoonists are measured against saw himself very much as his alter ego, Charlie Brown, the forever-child who wanted to be liked but lacked [...]