Steam of Life

Men at the caravan sauna(Photo: PBS - Courtesy of Oktober Oy)

At one point in his long career my Father worked for a Finnish company.  During that time he was fortunate enough to travel to Finland spending time in the countryside, all in the name of business of course.   When he returned he brought back with him an unusual obsession with the sauna.  He also found a new drink, Cloudberry Liqueur.  The cloudberry thing I could understand but a sauna, really?  I just could not understand the fascination of sitting in a hot room with a bunch of strangers sweating.  Then I had the opportunity to view POV’s STEAM OF LIFE.

STEAM OF LIFE is a film about Finland’s national obsession with the sauna.  For men in Finland the sauna is their sanctuary.  In the sauna men share their hopes, dreams, and disappointments. They go there to steam away the world; there are no judgments no expectations.  This is an interesting film, just what you’d expect of POV.  On a personal level I’m glad to finally gain some understanding into my Father’s fascination with the sauna.

We’ve gotten a lot of viewer comments over the past couple years about the films showcased on POV.  Our viewers appreciate the wide range of topics presented. What I like is WOSU gives them that place to go on the TV dial to find these kinds of programs.   I hope you get a chance to view this new steamy, hot film on POV.

POV: STEAM OF LIFE, 10:30pm Sunday, August 28 on WOSU TV.