Start the Weekend With Buckeye Classics

I chuckle now when my mother tells stories of going to Ohio State football games back in the 60′s wearing a skirt and high heels because that’s what you did back then.   My Dad’s cousin played for Purdue in those days, he went on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles most of his professional career, so  the OSU games my parents attended were usually against Purdue.  Moving away from Ohio at a young age I did not grow up to be a Buckeye fan but I am a college football fan.  I have several teams I support most based in family rivalries, which are always fun.

Years ago WOSU TV used to air Buckeye football games, there are a few folks left here at the station who talk about those days.  It’s nice to have Buckeye football back on WOSU TV.  On Friday, September 7 at 7:30pm we will begin airing “Buckeye Classics”.   Described as “… the ultimate television history of Ohio State football! This Emmy Award winning series is a true must see for every Buckeye fan.”  It’s a mix of memorable games in Ohio State’s history and profiles of coaches, athletes and in the case of the first episode, the traditions of Ohio State football.  WOSU TV will air “Buckeye Classics” throughout this year’s football season.  Things have changed since these shows were first put together, but they’re a great way to relive some classic moments in Buckeye history.

“Buckeye Classics” airs Fridays at 7:30pm with an encore presentation Saturday mornings at 6am on WOSU TV.