Secrets Of… Distinctive Homes In America

Every Monday night at 10pm over the past several weeks we’ve been exploring some of the famous manor homes of England.   I particularly enjoyed hearing the stories of Henry VIII’s palace, Hampton Court and of course Princess Diana’s childhood home, Althrop.   We have a few big manor sized homes here in America, The Biltmore Estate and San Simeon come to mind and both have been profiled many times.  On Monday evening at 10pm WOSU TV will present a great program for anyone interested in beautiful homes, DISTINCTIVE HOMES OF THE CHESAPEAKE.

The idea of living on a coastline is very appealing to many people, myself included.  I spent an evening of my vacation this year on a boat cruising the shoreline of Lake Macataw in Michigan looking at all the beautiful homes and trying to figure out how I could get one!  DISTINCTIVE HOMES OF THE CHESAPEAKE  invites us to explore the unique, historic and magnificent homes surrounding Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.  If you enjoy the HOUSE HUNTERS series you will really enjoy this program.  We get intimate tours of a colonial-era manor, hand-crafted in the 1700s, an unusual houseboat, a lighthouse home and modern architectural marvels that blend the best of Bay living with gorgeous settings.  You’ll hear the stories of each home’s history and architecture and meet some of the special people who call these houses home.  After a few weeks of touring homes in England, its nice to spend an evening touring some beautiful homes here in America.

DISTINCTIVE HOMES OF THE CHESAPEAKE airs Monday, July 29 at 10pm with an encore presentation on Tuesday, July 30 at 2am on WOSU TV.