Politics and Debates

It’s that time of year again, the leaves are beginning to turn, the mums are in bloom, decorative scarecrows are sitting on front porches and the political signs are in every yard on my way to work. It’s fall in Ohio!

I tease, but I do love politics and this year has been a good one for political junkies. No matter where you fall on the horizontal line, next month’s elections will be transformational. Good thing we’re on top of the situation with COLUMBUS ON THE RECORD Friday night’s at 8:30pm on WOSU TV and 10:30pm on WOSUPLUS.

Over the next three weeks COLUMBUS ON THE RECORD will present debates from the candidates in the 15th, 18th and 12th congressional districts. This Friday Mike Thompson will welcome Mary Jo Kilroy (D) and Steve Stivers (R) from the 15th congressional district. Mike tells us “these programs have no rules, which should allow for more pointed questioning, better debate, and hopefully give voters a better understanding of the candidates’ positions.”

Each week COLUMBUS ON THE RECORD will spend about 20 minutes with its regular panel discussing the week’s news events. Then the program will head straight into the debate.

On Friday, October 22 Mike will welcome Zack Space (D) and Bob Gibbs (R) from the 18th congressional district and the last go around will be between Paula Brooks (D) and Pat Tiberi (R) from the 12th congressional district on Friday, October 29.

Hope you’re able to catch these special COLUMBUS ON THE RECORD programs, 8:30pm every Friday night in October on WOSU TV.

Stacia H.