Photography and the President

If you’re a parent a camera is never too far out of reach.  There is always some milestone or event that you want to preserve forever.  My Mother never missed getting a picture of  the first day of school.   I think there’s even a picture of me, somewhere in the family archives, standing in front of my college dorm after she had just finished decorating my side of  the tiny room that was to be my home for the new school year.  Those are little milestones in a person’s life but important enough for you and me.

Imagine if you’re the President of the United States and everyday is considered a milestone because you don’t know what’s going to happen.  Like a reality TV show there is a photographer following you around everywhere taking pictures of your every last move.  I’d be in trouble within the first 24 hours, no makeup, no photos!

President’s Photographer: Fifty Years Inside the Oval Office airs 8pm on Wednesday, November 24 on WOSU TV.

Pete Souza is the chief White House photographer, and the President’s shadow. He’s also currently on leave from his position as an assistant professor of photojournalism for Ohio University’s School of Visual Communications. We get a chance to go along with National Geographic as, they follow Souza inside the Obama White House, aboard Air Force One, backstage at the State of the Union, and into the Oval Office. It’s a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at the everyday of the American presidency.  But this is old hat for Pete Souza, he was the official White House photographer during the Reagan presidency and we’re treated to a glimpse of life in some of the other administrations.

If you enjoyed the National Geographic specials on the White House and Air Force One, you’ll really like this latest installment.

Stacia Hentz