Peg + Cat Coming To PBS Kids

I have two TV monitors in my office tuned to WOSU TV and WOSU PLUS.   I usually don’t notice what’s on unless something goes wrong.  However every so often something will catch my eye.  Usually its a yummy dessert on one of the many cooking programs that air on WOSU PLUS throughout the day or occasionally a funny skit on SESAME STREET, like today’s “Grouch Parade”.

Every weekday WOSU TV airs six hours of PBS Kids programming.  That is quite an investment in air time but we feel its well worth it.  You may not realize that as an organization WOSU Public Media supplements our kids programming all year-long with Ready To Learn Workshops, learning tools and special events throughout our community.  Each PBS Kids show is unique in what it teaches.  It could be reading skills; ARTHUR and MARTHA SPEAKS, math and science skills; SID THE SCIENCE KID and CURIOUS GEORGE or it could be social skills; DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD and SESAME STREET.  Whatever the lesson, it always comes in a fun and entertaining way on PBS Kids and

This October a new PBS Kids program, focusing on math skills, will premiere on the new kids schedule Monday, October 7.  PEG + CAT has to be one of the best new kids programs I’ve seen in at least two years!  Every half-hour episode will feature two stories with the very inquisitive Peg and her steadfast companion Cat. Together they use math to solve problems of all shapes and sizes in their very clever graph-paper world.  PEG + CAT was co-created by Billy Aronson (Postcards from Buster) and Jennifer Oxley (Little Bill, The Wonder Pets!) who teamed up with The Fred Rogers Company.

Peg and Cat’s adventures, accompanied by wonderful musical numbers, will take them through all kinds of  fantastical worlds from farms to purple planets, a land of pirates and a prehistoric valley.  The writing is terrific and the interaction between the character’s of Peg and Cat along with the many friends they meet along the way is humorous not only for kids but for adults.  This is a show you can watch with your children and be just as entertained!  I have a feeling when PEG + CAT is on the air it will probably catch my attention more than it should!

PEG + CAT will air on WOSU TV Monday through Friday at 9am and 1:30pm and Sunday’s at 8am beginning Monday, October 7.