Parking Lot Movie

I’ve spent the last part of this week viewing a few new programs that will be available to us within the next couple of months. Even though it’s October I’m beginning to think about January’s program schedule. If I’m going to start shifting programs around on the schedule there are two months during the year that make the most sense for me to start shuffling and one of those is January. Enough time has passed since September, when the new TV season begins, for me to determine what is working for us and what isn’t.

We’ve aired INDEPENDENT LENS on Sunday evenings at 11pm because traditionally we have found that is where our INDEPENDENT LENS audience hangs out. However over the past couple of years INDEPENDENT LENS has presented some really wonderful documentaries that are appealing to a wider audience. So I’ll be watching the audience numbers on Sunday evenings to see if we’re all still on the same page.


This is basically a film about a group of guys, parking lot attendants in Charlottesville, Virginia, working in one parking lot. I like this description of the movie, “asphalt philosophers… scrutinizing cars and license plates, capitalism, anger, justice, drunkenness, spiritual awakenings, class struggle, entitlement, and the plight of the service sector worker.” Lots of different personalities, with many points of views. If you saw the movie Diner and enjoyed it, I think you’ll like THE PARKING LOT MOVIE. Tune in Sunday night at 11pm on WOSU TV.

Stacia H.

  • William

    Film is soundtracked by Columbus musician Parker Paul, btw…