What’s Going On In Your Brain?

13, 2015

On Wednesday night at 10pm WOSU TV premieres the new six-part series BRAIN WITH DAVID EAGLEMAN.  Dr. David Eagleman is a neuroscientist at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, who as host of this journey inside the brain, exposes the inner workings of the human brain exploring why we feel and think the things we do [...]

The Widower

9, 2015

Last week WOSU TV premiered a 3 part mystery titled THE WIDOWER.  Okay if you missed part one head to video.pbs.org to catch up in time to watch part 2 this Sunday at 10pm. This is a good one folks! The drama is based on the true story of Malcolm Webster. He was a nurse by profession [...]

Secrets of Noah’s Ark

7, 2015

Tonight  NOVA presents SECRETS OF NOAH’S ARK.  Based on instructions found on a 3,700 year old clay tablet from ancient Sumeria, the NOVA team attempts to rebuild a boat that could carry hundreds of animals through a flood.  It all begins tonight at 9pm on WOSU TV.

More Drama on Sunday Night

2, 2015

MASTERPIECE is at it again making Sunday night all about good drama.  I hope you were able to catch the first episode of INDIAN SUMMERS ON MASTERPIECE last week.  If not, remember you can always catch an encore presentation of the episode Monday night at 9pm on our WOSUplus (34.3) service or anytime on-line at [...]

Another Chance To See Grantchester

2, 2015

MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! premiered a new series this past January.  With all the hoopla surrounding the DOWNTOWN ABBEY season 5 premiere this wonderful new mystery series may have been overlooked by some folks.  However those that did catch it, were anxious to see it again and wanted to know when season 2 would air. GRANTCHESTER stars James [...]

This Old House Hour Kicks Off A New Season

29, 2015

The new season of  THIS OLD HOUSE HOUR kicks off Thursday night at 8pm on WOSU TV.  This year it’s all about salvage and restoration when the guys take on a 1865 Victorian home in Belmont, Massachusetts that’s been stripped of its original details. And on ASK THIS OLD HOUSE the repair trailer visits thirteen [...]

Indian Summers and What is Phil Having?

23, 2015

For the past couple of months we’ve been airing promotions for INDIAN SUMMERS, a new drama coming to MASTERPIECE this fall.  Well it’s finally here! INDIAN SUMMERS ON MASTERPIECE begins its nine week run this Sunday at 9pm on WOSU TV.  Like JEWEL IN THE CROWN the drama takes place in India during the tumultuous [...]

The Story of Gorongosa Park

18, 2015

Gorongosa National Park is in central Mozambique. By the end of the country’s civil war in 1992 the park lay in ruins, most of its dozens of species gone. In an effort to bring this national park back to life American philanthropist  Greg Carr set up an agreement with the government of Mozambique in 2004 to [...]

Dawn of Humanity

15, 2015

Last week the scientific community was excited to announce the finding of over 1,500 bones in a deep, almost inaccessible, cave in South Africa. This discovery of a new humanoid species, Homo naledia, has the potential to rewrite the story of human origins.  You can see the magnificent finding unfold on NOVA’s DAWN OF HUMANITY airing [...]

Walt Disney on American Experience

11, 2015

Did you miss AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s WALT DISNEY? You can see it all this Sunday beginning at 12:00pm on the SUNDAY SHOWCASE.   When PBS announced to stations that AMERICAN EXPERIENCE was working on a documentary about Walt Disney, I was so excited I don’t think I heard much else after that announcement.  In case you [...]