Orangutan Diary, Part 3- Wednesday, August 1 at 10pm on WOSU TV

Meet Noddy, top of the class at nursery but nervous about his first day at school. Massive male Hercules, the hairiest orangutan you will ever meet, heads off for his annual leave on a river island. The confiscation team sets off on their most demanding rescue yet, and one of the technicians risks his life in a death-defying climb to get Bonny back where she belongs.

  • Strider

    Could you tell if you have parts one and two of the Orangutan Diary’s on your website? Thanks!

    email addy: sstrider@columbus.rr.com

    • Stacia H.

      I’ve only been able to find clips of the Orangutan Diary to view on-line, not full episodes. We will air a special on the series Wednesday, August 15 at 8pm on WOSU TV. The entire series will most likely air again at some time in the new year.

      Stacia H.
      TV Program Director