Music and More

As the Olympics wind down, we’re gearing up for our annual August membership drive.  Back by popular demand is the “Fab Four: The Ultimate Beatles Tribute”.  We had lots of viewers inquire about this program after it first hit air during our June membership drive.  If you missed your opportunity to see the program and make a pledge of support, here is your opportunity.  Be sure to tune in Saturday night, August 11 at 8pm for the Fab Four!

There are also lots of new shows for you to watch during this membership drive.  “Under the Streetlamp”  is a great concert of classic hits from the recent leading cast members of the Tony-Award winning musical, Jersey Boys.  You’ll hear Doo-Wop, Motown, old time Rock ‘n’ Roll and your favorites from the American radio songbook, including tunes made popular by The Drifters,The Four Seasons, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and many more.  As a special bonus we have tickets to their upcoming Columbus concert as thank you gifts for becoming a member or renewing your membership to WOSU.

Jackie Evancho is back with a new special, “Music of the Movies”.  We’re  following up “Ed Sullivan’s Rock and Roll Classics”, program with a great new sequel “Ed Sullivan’s Top Rock Performers” .  This program features an amazing line-up of original 60′s performers singing their biggest hits from 1966 – 1969.

If you liked Dr. Fuhrman’s “3 Easy Steps to Incredible Health” then you should enjoy his all new special, “Dr. Fuhrman’s Immunity Solution”.  Dr. Fuhrman shows us how we can become almost totally resistant to colds, influenza, and other infections.  Nutritional science has made phenomenal strides and discoveries in recent years, and when Dr. Fuhrman applies this new research it enables us to seize control of our health.  If you’ve been watching the “Orangutan Diary”  series, we have a special version of the series airing during the membership drive.

As always your favorite programs will return on August 22 when we conclude our August membership drive.  In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy the great special membership programming we’re providing and be inspired to become a new member or realize its time to renew your old membership.