This Week On WOSU TV – April 28 – May 4

Diana-princess-diana-32971650-220-254After a brand new Antiques Roadshow (8pm – 10pm) in Anaheim, CA., we get the scoop on Queen Mary in part two of King George And Queen Mary (10pm-11pm).  If you tuned in to last weeks program you got a good look at King George and his work to modernize the monarchy.  With the Kings death and the heir apparent’s abdication of the throne it’s up to Queen Mary to put the family dynasty back together.

We’re just getting started on our month-long look at the royals, next week we’ll premiere Diana vs The Queen.

If you can’t tune in you’ll need to set your DVR for Monday nights at 10pm for all the special royal programming.

cosby152-3Pioneers of Television continues Tuesday night at 8pm with “Breaking Barriers.”  This episode focuses on the break through of African-Americans performers, Diahann Carroll as Julia, and Bill Cosby’s adventurous I Spy in the mid 1960′s.

The story continues with the mark Latino’s made in I Love Lucy with Desi Arnaz and Edward James Olmos in Miami Vice, he was so mysterious. Finally we hear Asian-American George Takei’s story of  American before he was the iconic Mr. Sulu from Star Trek.  This is a great series and has the best website.  Take this week’s quiz  to determine your rank in Star Fleet.  Not that you really need to know, but I’m a captain.

36818Good news for all you Nazi Mega Weapon fans, a brand new episode premieres Wednesday night at 10pm, Nazi Mega Weapons: Super Tanks.  As Hitler’s grip on Europe tightened, he ordered men like Ferdinand Porsche to build increasingly outlandish machines  to realize his master plan. This series has been a favorite with our viewers, it’s great to have a new installment.

Lots of good things on WOSU TV in the week ahead.  I hope you’ll find a program or two to enjoy.


    Have become addicted to Doc Martin and would recommend it to anyone!
    Would like to see Season 6 now that seasons 1-5 are out on Netflix and Hulu.