Masterpiece Mystery:Sherlock – Monday, Jan. 20 at 9pm on WOSU

Hopefully you’ve been tuning in Monday nights at 9pm for MASTERPIECE MYSTERY: SHERLOCK season 2.  Last Monday we saw Sherlock fall to his death, this Monday, January 20 we’ll see how he survived.

In the season 3 premiere of MASTERPIECE MYSTERY: SHERLOCK  two years have passed since Sherlock’s death. Watson has moved on with his life and is about to propose to his girlfriend at a fancy restaurant. The great detective, unable to believe that Watson has been able to function without him, disguises himself as French waiter to surprise his former best friend just as he’s ready to pop the question.



  • Adam

    Why is this being aired a day later than all other PBS stations?!?!

  • Jim

    Shocked and appalled that you’re delaying this to Monday. Horrible enough that PBS made us wait until today when the full season has already aired in Britain. How can you possible justify making us wait any longer? Will look for streaming options instead.

  • Tom

    What a relief! I thought I was going to have to wait another day to catch the Independent Lens feature “At Berkeley”. Our PBS station got the jump on the rest of the country, who got stuck watching Sherlock. Way to go WOSU!

    Independent Lens: At Berkeley

  • IHateYouWOSU

    I cannot believe I just discovered that the premiere will not be airing on the same date as the rest of the country. Congratulations; next time I’ll just plan to watch them online (illegally) rather than watch your poor excuse for a station.

  • Effie


  • cylb

    I couldn’t believe it when I kept hearing “Sherlock” would begin Jan. 19 and instead “Downtown Abby” comes on AGAIN!!!! You got this schedule messed up WOSU!! I even waited till 10pm hoping the scheduling was a mistake then the special on wolves comes….needless-to-say, I was very disappointed.

  • Debby

    I’ll just watch the streaming feed from PBS now. It’s available before your airing. Really bad PR move guys. Planning to do this again next week?

  • L.Bo

    Delaying Sherlock is a terrible decision. It frustrates the fan base and loses out on the social media bump. I’m also not feeling at all charitable for the inevitable requests for viewer support.

  • Brett

    I’m beyond disappointed in WOSU. I would have loved to have joined the other 11 million viewers nationwide to watch the premier. Instead, I have to spend the day hearing from my friends and family through text, email, and ALL social media telling me details of the episode I missed. I’m glad we waited TWO years for this station to let us down.