March Madness

My family has always been into the whole “March Madness” thing. My younger brother won’t be too happy with me for divulging his little secret, but when he was a little guy he use to make his own brackets and then play all the games in his bedroom, marking his winning teams down to the finals. It was really cute to watch, and as I was attending the Univ. of Missouri at the time, Mizzou often made it to the finals in his own “March Madness”.

I decided not to participate in the bracket game this year because I thought it was a little dicey. However I never thought it would end up like this. I heard today that 5 million people filled out brackets on ESPN and only two people had VCU or Butler in the finals. They’re either alumnae of those schools or just tossed all logic to the wind and made a good guess. Either way it’s been an exciting tournament and now that Ohio State and Kansas are out, I’ve decided to cheer on the underdogs.

Tomorrow night FRONTLINE takes a look at how this college basketball tournament turned into a multibillion dollar business for everyone but the players. Is that good or bad?

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No matter what your feelings about the tournament, I still think it’s the most exciting time in college sports. It’s about players on the court giving it everything they’ve got to get to that next game. And sometimes teams like VCU and Butler get to shine above the big guys and that’s “March Madness” at its best.

Stacia H.